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Increased Attention Leads to Increased Message Retention

Having video on your website keeps visitors on your site longer. Video makes solid, professional impression on the viewers, thereby increas­ing purchasing.

Having interactive video content engages consumers and improves analytics like never before. Consumers can now navigate to their interests at their own pace.

Social media is a free resource that can reach billions of con­sumers in an interactive man­ner. Being on social media sites also increases your rank­ings in the search engines.

The cost per thousand impressions for digital signage is less than 10 percent of the cost for any other advertising medium.

TV Advertising is still the most influential medium. Companies spend more money on TV advertising than all other forms of adver­tising put together.

There is no other medium that has such a captive audi­ence. The increase in atten­tion gives a better increase in retention.

If you're not using video to market, you're losing cus­tomers to those who do. Video increases impressions and almost doubles click­-through rates.

Why and Where Video



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Benefits of Video

Benefits of SEO

Video Reaches Billions of Consumers

Benefits of SEO

Hundreds of Videos are uploaded Every Minute to YouTube

Benefits of SEO

72% of Website Videos are watched to completion

Benefits of SEO

Google Gives Higher Rankings to Websites Utilizing Video


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