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Stand Out From The Crowd With A One-Of-A-Kind Custom Video Production


  • We will help you design a custom video from scratch that perfectly matches your promotion or event
  • Original script and/or concept created
  • You select your products, prices, shipping and finance information to feature
  • Graphics created for your video
  • Stock footage and/or spokesperson can be added
  • Professional voiceover that reflects the tone and feeling of your message
  • One upload to a television station and one master file for internet use,/ are included
  • Usable on your website, social media platforms, television, email marketing campaigns, movie theaters and in your store

How It Works:

  • A phone conference with one of our producers is scheduled
  • We write the script for you and email it to you for review
  • Once the script is approved, production will begin
  • An edited proof of your custom production will be emailed to you for review
  • Upon approval, we will upload the video to one TV station and/or send you a master file for Internet use