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Pay Per Click is Used to Drive Traffic to Websites, Where an Advertiser Pays When the Ad is Clicked

Abbreviated as PPC, pay per click is an advertising model whereas the advertiser only pays if/when their ads are clicked on channels like SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PLA (Product Listing Advertisement), Display (Banner Ads), Social, etc.

Immediately upon your pay-per-click campaign becoming active, potential customers searching for your products online will be able to see (impressions) and interact (clicks) with your ads.  In real-time, you'll have access to your website traffic via Google Analytics. Your PPC ad scheduling will be determined based on both individual account trends and industry standard best practices ensuring that you receive the optimal number of impressions and engagement with your pay-per-click advertisements.

Each PPC campaign is uniquely built from the ground up and will be customized to your business’ offerings.​

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Benefits of Pay Per Click

Benefits of SEO

Access to Google Analytics

Benefits of SEO

Drive Website Traffic

Benefits of SEO

Specific to Your Services

Benefits of SEO

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