eCircular  | Digital Circulars Literally Make You Money


  • Transactional — add product directly to your cart
  • Interactive — see detailed accessories and related items
  • Expiration date automatically removes eCircular from your website
  • Upon expiration, product pricing automatically reverts back to pre-circular pricing
  • Offers consumer an Ad View and Grid View
  • Shareable on social media platforms
  • Consumer can email friends and family
  • Collects email addresses for Remarketing efforts
  • Unique URL link for email marketing

How it Works:

  • You create a printed piece — we’ll convert it to an eCircular
  • You can create an eCircular without doing a printed piece
  • Your eCircular will be added to your website and removed once it expires

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eCircular Programs

Vendor/Partner eCircular


  • (1) Supplied Monthly Design
  • Product Selection Provided by Vendor
  • Promotional Product Pricing of Your Choosing

$199/Month Recurring (if paid for 12 months)
$249/Month Recurring (if paid monthly)

Customized eCircular


  • No Limitation on eCirculars/Month
  • Set Up of your Page Design(s)
  • Creation of Custom SKU's
  • Creation of Transactional Links
  • Product Selection of Your Choosing
  • Promotional Product Pricing of Your Choosing
  • Additional Design Service Options

$50/Page Setup
$5/Transactional Link
$5/Custom SKU

Build-Your-Own eCircular


  • Full Access to the eCircular Module
  • No Limitation on eCirculars/Month
  • Upload Custom Graphics
  • Create Custom SKU's
  • Create Transactional Links
  • Create Custom Promotions
  • Promotional Product Pricing of Your Choosing

$100/Month Recurring(20% savings if billed/year)

*Customer Service Team assistance is subject to additional fees

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