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Finance Module  | Version 1.0

Finance Module Dashboard
Finance Module

Welcome to Your Low Cost
Integrated Finance Module

Manage your Financing, to make your Business work better for you.
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Get your consumer approved for financing from multiple financers with a single application using your new Finance Module 
Apply to multiple financers one time with a single application!

Your new In-Cart Financing Tool features Waterfall Financing and Consumer Choice Financing.

  • Consumer Choice - Let consumers choose from competing lenders to get the financing offer that is best for them.
  • Waterfall Financing - Set an ordered series of lenders to apply to. If the consumer is not approved for the first/primary financer, they automatically apply to the secondary. Automatically apply to lenders in your ordered series until the consumer is approved.
Get more approvals. Collect more data for retargeting opportunities. Get more sales simply in seconds on your RenCommerce Website and your RenARK App at no cost to you!

We hope that you take advantage of the tools and strategy we're providing
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