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Cloud-Based Dashboard

EVERYTHING You Need to Run Your Website in ONE Place

Better than ever, now you can run your business’s website through your phone or kiosk with Renaissance’s revolutionary Cloud-Based Dashboard. Control EVERY aspect of your business ALL from one source. 

At last, YOU have the power in the palm of your hand! 

Our all-in-one cloud-based dashboard enables you to:

  • Manage your website’s look and layout
  • Merchandize your product and manage inventory
  • Communicate with your customers right away
  • Do data sync with real-time updates

We make it simple. Now you DON’T have to be a computer whiz. We know you have more important things to do, like drive and grow your business! Our cloud-based dashboard gives you 24/7 EASY access to Renaissance’s full suite of marketing and other business services:


  • Accounting
  • Analytics
  • Best Buy Business
  • Cart-integrated financing
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Lay-A-Way
  • Merchant processing
  • My Business
  • POS
  • Protection Program


  • Design
  • Media Buying
  • Pay per Click
  • Print
  • Reputation Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Phenomenal CMS, CRM, and POS Services: Seamlessly Integrated to Empower YOU

Why let chaos run your business? Renaissance has automated your Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Point of Sale (POS) services, things you’re now doing manually, which take up your most valuable resource… time! We get desired results MUCH faster. And we maximize the interactions among the three so they are even more dynamic. 

Renaissance is all about empowering businesses like yours through simplicity, clarity, and connectivity. At last, when others try to overwhelm you with “too much information,” we give you the tools to conquer your market, through transparency and technology. 

These Renaissance services, accessible in one spot, our 2.0 cloud dashboard, are FULLY automated and light-speed fast, like hiring a small army to organize the chaos so you can plan your business’s next move. Best of all, many functions in this Renaissance power trio are available to you for just $199 per month!

Scale your business with the awesome services and benefits we offer you, to harness information and make MORE sales:

  • Link to your pre-existing system for a seamless transition to something clearer and simple
  • CMS: Manage your website wherever you are, 24/7, with ease and simplicity
  • Instantly change product pricing
  • CRM: Engage your customers efficiently and professionally
  • POS: Transact business with your customers quickly and securely, including the RenARK in-store web app to gather customer info and make sales on the spot - no more customers changing their minds as you head to the register
  • Yearly upgrades at NO extra charge, fine-tuned to YOUR unique needs and requests
  • FREE training webinars to use all three!
This is all part of Renaissance’s data-driven, proven “tradition of strategic thinking.”