Reputation Management

No, posting reviews for customers violates many review sites' terms of service. Such actions could lead to the removal of reviews and a potential "consumer alert" on a business's listing for violating these terms.

Using an automated service is more cost-effective than manually managing emails, follow-ups, and responses. Additionally, emails cannot filter out negative reviews. Our Reviews Management Service identifies reviews of 3 stars or less and immediately alerts the business owner, enabling a swift response to any dissatisfaction.

Having reviews across numerous sites boosts your business's visibility and reputation on Google searches. It also reduces the impact of any single site that may filter out positive reviews unfavorably. Additionally, different apps prioritize businesses based on reviews from various sites, so a broad presence enhances your chance of ranking higher in search results.

Yes, if the process is streamlined and simplified. Our service, being private and not requiring login details, facilitates this. Additionally, offering incentives like coupons legally through our platform can effectively encourage reviews and promote your business.

Yes, significantly. A Nielsen study involving 28,000 people across 50 countries found online reviews to be the second most trusted form of advertising after personal referrals. Numerous studies confirm that reviews play a crucial role in consumer decision-making for selecting businesses or services.

Reviews can be gathered through email, campaign services, QR codes, a "Rate Us" button, an embedded website form, or on a tablet at a client's location. Our service is smartphone-optimized for easy review submission and navigation.

No, our service has no limits on the number of reviews collected to encourage more feedback without disincentivizing through additional fees.

Businesses should aim to collect reviews on as many sites as possible but focus on monitoring 3 to 7 initially. This helps in recognizing the value and effort in building an online reputation, leading to better client retention.

Removing negative reviews is challenging and rarely successful. The best strategy is to overshadow them with positive reviews.

Results typically appear within 3 to 6 months, depending on the number of reviewers, service configuration, and campaign usage.

It's not effective." Monitoring alone doesn’t solve the problem. Our service actively encourages positive reviews to mitigate negative ones.

Our service costs only $199/ month with savings on additional locations. Consider the marketing mix; online reviews are crucial for attracting new customers, often offering better ROI than traditional advertising. Compare the cost to their spending on less effective marketing channels. Our service provides valuable features that, if priced individually, would cost significantly more.