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Renaissance Protection Program: Profit Made Simple, Trust Built Strong

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Renaissance Protection Program

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Protection Plans: The Easiest Profit You'll EVER Make

As a furniture retailer, your ultimate goal is to offer value to your consumers while maximizing profitability. 
With the Renaissance Protection Program, you can achieve both - effortlessly.

This program is not just the easiest add-on you can offer, but also the most profitable, contributing directly to your bottom line with a whopping 80% margin.

Moreover, it elevates your brand image, showcasing your commitment to consumer satisfaction and peace of mind.


  • Effortless Integration:
    • The protection plan option is seamlessly added to your website's shopping cart, making it an easy upsell for your consumers
  • Profitable Proposition:
    • Each protection plan sold contributes a stunning 80% directly to your bottom line, creating an unmatched opportunity to boost profits
  • Brand Enhancement:
    • Offering a protection plan builds trust and strengthens your brand, reinforcing your commitment to consumer satisfaction
  • Zero Inventory:
    • No need to worry about stock levels or storage - these protection plans require no physical inventory
  • Ticket Boost:
    • Elevate your average sale amount with this high-margin add-on
  • Protection Pop-Up:
    • An intuitive alert encourages consumers to add protection to their purchase, enhancing conversion rates

How It Works:

  • Set up varying protection plan price ranges based on Cart Total or SKU
  • The protection option will appear in the shopping cart as "Protect or Unprotect," prompting consumers to make an informed decision before checkout
  • Should they wish to opt-out, they simply hit "Unprotect" to remove the option
  • The only cost to you is a one-time setup fee of $299
  • A small investment for a feature that not only boosts your profits but also enhances your consumers' trust in your brand

We hope that you take advantage of the tools and strategy we're providing
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