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Make Your Business Work Better for You - Protection

Renaissance Protection Program  | Version 1.0

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Renaissance Protection

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Renaissance Protection Program

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Protection Plans: The Easiest Profit You'll EVER Make

A good reason to add our Protection Plan to your Renaissance website is it’s THE most profitable thing you can sell to your customers, even more than the merchandise itself. 80% of the plan’s price goes to you. An easy way to raise your average sale amount per customer. Beyond that, you’re offering your consumer a service they’ll appreciate if they need it, and they will remember you for it.

The easiest thing you can sell to your customers is also the most profitable for you. Protection Plans require NO inventory of course, while you make 80% on every purchase! Selling peace of mind to your consumers builds your brand – how you want people to remember you – and it means they spend MORE per sale.


  • The protection-plan option is added to your website's shopping cart
  • 80% goes directly to your bottom line
  • It will protect your brand
  • You need no inventory
  • Increases your average ticket on a sale
  • Protection Pop Up: when your customer adds a product to your cart, the customer gets alerted to add protection before going to the cart

How It Works:

  • You can set up different protection-plan price ranges based on Cart Total or by SKU
  • Option to add protection will be shown in shopping cart as “Protect or Unprotect"
  • Customer must hit “Unprotect” to remove

We hope that you take advantage of the tools and strategy we're providing
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