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  • Your Website's In-stock & On Display Functionality at No Additional Cost!

Your Website's In-stock & On Display Functionality at No Additional Cost!


  • Consumers and search engines like Google know what products you have available
  • Marking your products as On Display helps your marketing services to perform better
  • Renaissance is provided with the necessary content to help you succeed
  • Advertise your in-stock items that are ready for pick up or immediate delivery

How it Works

  • Your untagged product will show based on your Catalog / Brand Sort Order
  • Products you tag as “On Display” will default to display first
  • Within the “On Display”, your products can be further tagged to display in the below order
    • Products you tag as “On Display” + “Clearance”
    • Products you tag as  “On Display” + “Specials”
    • Products you tag as  “On Display” + “Best Sellers”
    • Products you tag as  “On Display” + “Special 2 - 9”
  • Products you tag as “Clearance” display second
  • Products you tag as “Specials” display third
  • Products you tag as “Best Sellers” display fourth
  • Products you tag as “Specials 2 - 9” display fifth

Cost: No Additional Cost
(part of your monthly website fee)

Marketing Tools
Why wait...when you can get it today?

In-stock & On Display Design Theme Options
Whatever your style, we have a theme for you! Take a look at our current selection but check back frequently as we continue to develop our gallery.
Utilize these themes for eCommerce Websites, Social Media, Reputation Management, Search, Video and any other marketing service you are using!

Category Landing Page

Website Marketing Assets
Take advantage of your existing Renaissance website and advertise your On Display items now! We offer homepage scrolling banners, side ad widgets and category landing page graphics.

A visually appealing design is key to a great first impression on your customers.



Social Media Boosted Post

Social Media Marketing Assets
Did you know that Google favors items marked as On Display? Don't make the mistake of promoting products that you do not have available. With smart social media and/or website integration, you can divert traffic to your website and increase your overall profitability.

Most business owners do not consider social media as a viable opportunity for their business; others claim that they do not have enough time to run pages effectively. If you are pressed for time, don't worry! That’s what we are here for! Our digital marketing company will take care of your social media business page.


Landscape Search Ad

Paid Search Marketing Assets
Abbreviated as PPC, pay per click is an advertising model where the advertiser only pays if/when their ads are clicked on channels like SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PLA (Product Listing Advertisement), Display (Banner Ads), Social, etc.


Video Marketing Assets
Having video on your website keeps visitors on your site longer. Video makes a solid, professional impression on the viewers, thereby increas­ing purchasing.

Having interactive video content engages consumers and improves analytics like never before. Consumers can now navigate to their interests at their own pace.

Social media is a free resource that can reach billions of con­sumers in an interactive man­ner. Being on social media sites also increases your rank­ings in the search engines.


We hope that you take advantage of the tools and strategy we're providing
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