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Pinterest Marketing

Business owners, you can market your products and services on so many avenues and social media platforms because the world around us is addicted to the Internet. In this era of social media marketing, Pinterest has become one of the most trending sites for sharing content. After Facebook, Pinterest is the most popular social media network that steers users directly to their websites.

How Pinterest Works

People around the world share or “pin” pictures of different brands/products/services on computer-generated boards called “pin boards.” Pinterest users create their own pin board in which they can “pin” their own contents or “re-pin” other people’s content. It also allows users to generate themes based on a group of pin boards.

Despite how trendy Pinterest has become, many business owners are still unfamiliar with it and prefer to stick to social media platforms they know. It’s time to use the power of Pinterest marketing tools to get ahead of your competition!

How You Can Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest marketing is simple:

  • Add "pin it!" or Pinterest "follow" icons to the contents on your business website
  • Thank your followers who are pinning your products on a "VIP board"
  • "Re-pin" contents by people in your industry
  • Complement your brand images by "pinning" them on group/themed boards

How Renaissance's Pinterest Marketing Helps You

Pinterest may be simple, but it can also be time-consuming. Renaissance frees you up to do your thing, expanding your business. Let us take care of your Pinterest marketing for you. Here's what we do for you:

  • No-risk Pinterest consultation
  • Set up an account on Pinterest
  • Make it extraordinary and impressive, by using your company’s distinctive branding “pin” and “re-pin” contents to the boards

Start your brand marketing via Pinterest advertising and grow your loyal fan-base across the internet.



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Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Steers users directly to your website

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Share brands, products, and services

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Connect with a large audience

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Expand your business


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