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Facebook, which was created mainly to connect with your old friends, has now become one of the most effective means of online marketing! With smart social media and/or website integration, you can divert traffic to your website and increase your overall profitability. Here are other benefits of Facebook marketing:

  • People can learn about your products or services
  • You can share your promotions at a very low cost
  • Your potential and existing customers can interact directly with you or your representatives

Facebook has become a must-have for all kinds of businesses, whether small or large. With an effective Facebook strategy, the number of potential clients can also be increased significantly via “likes” and “shares” on your page. You get better opportunities to exhibit and sell your products/services. You can attract, not only clients, but also potential employees.

Is your company undistinguished?

Facebook can be a big ticket for your business! If you are not promoting your company through this social media networking, you are missing the opportunity of taking your business to its peak. There are numerous companies just like yours who are using Facebook for business opportunities!

What will Renaissance do for you?

Most business owners do not consider Facebook as a viable opportunity for their business; others claim that they do not have enough time to run the Facebook page effectively. If your time is limited too, don't worry about it! That’s what we are here for! Our digital marketing company will take care of your Facebook business page as well as your Facebook advertising.

Here is what the Social Media Experts at Renaissance can do for you:

  • Set up a custom Facebook business page for you
  • Integrate it with your other social media platforms and/or website to establish a consistent brand image
  • Develop a customized Social Media Strategy based on your goals & expectations
  • Design and create captivating content for your products and services
  • Respond to your clients’ queries, feedback, and reviews; just as you would

Your online business marketing will be handled by our devoted social media marketing experts. You only have to give approval to the designed content and that’s it! Just sit back and watch your Facebook presence grow your business!

What is included in our “done – for – you” Facebook package?

  • Page setup, including graphic work for your Facebook cover and profile picture (per your recommendations)
  • Thorough internet audit of your social media existence to locate unverified and duplicate social media pages
  • Removal of duplicate pages to avoid customer confusion
  • Creation of content
  • Quick responses to customers
  • Paid promotions of posts (once a week)
  • ROI tracking report on monthly basis

Some statistical facts!

Day by day Facebook is growing, taking control over the social media marketing.

  • There are 1.3 billion avid Facebook users
  • 1 billion Facebook users have 24/7 access through their mobile devices
  • 63% users log-in every day
  • Every day, every hour, 50% of people are connected to Facebook via smartphones
  • 20% of people purchase services/products due to the advertisements and comments they saw on the Facebook

Renaissance is a team of experts who are committed to their work! We have expertise in different areas such as content writing, graphic designing and social media consultancy as well as different industries to deliver your message in a unified voice.



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Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Interact directly with customers

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

63% of Facebook users log-in everyday

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Create captivating content

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Increase brand awareness


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