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What is a Microsite?

A Microsite is a single web page that is constructed with the purpose of promoting specific products or services of any industry. With a Microsite, you can target specific demographics and customize it to cater to a specific audience subset. Microsites usually consist of only one page and they reside on a separate domain name to emphasize the importance of particular products and/or services. In many cases, website owners build a Microsite page and place it on a subdirectory of their website.

Microsite vs. One Page Website

Microsites have been delivering fruitful results since their inception. The beauty of the Microsite is its ability to achieve visibility on the first page of search engines with just one page. In many cases, it outperforms other websites within the same industry that have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages. A Microsite is a useful marketing tool that requires a lot of SEO knowledge and skill to use effectively. When Microsites were first introduced, web development companies thought they could create a better product, which resulted in the creation of One Page Web Applications (aka Single Page Websites). With One Page Web Applications, they could do more than just display information—the applications processed user information, delivered answers, and became very interactive. Despite those features, One Page Web Applications actually remained absolutely invisible in search engine results and they required a lot of financial resources to promote. Eventually people realized that Microsites delivered superior results.

Microsite Features:

  • Visible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Promote specific sales, categories, or locations
  • Additional entry point to your primary website to increase SEO and sales
  • Interactive and transactional
  • Pixel Tracking, tagging and relevant content to be found on Google

How It Works:

  • Schedule an intake call with a Renaissance Marketing Specialist
  • Select your theme, products and additional information to display on your microsite
  • Advertise to consumers exactly what you would like to say about your store brand and sell more product

Why Use Renaissance for Your Microsite Development?

Renaissance is a pioneer in Microsite development. The major thing that sets us apart from other companies and makes our Microsites visible in search results is the fact that our Microsites are not built by web developers, but by skilled SEO developers. Be it a traditional website or a Microsite, our SEO experts construct digital platforms with SEO in mind. Our SEO professionals keep up-to-date with search engine algorithm requirements and we update our clients’ websites on a regular basis. We have built literally thousands of Microsites and none of them have ever been penalized by a search engine.



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Benefits of Microsites

Benefits of SEO

Promote specific products or services

Benefits of SEO

Achieve first page search visibility

Benefits of SEO

Interactive and transactional

Benefits of SEO

Target specific demographics


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