POS: Point Of Sale


Powerful. Versatile. Simple to Use... Platform with Total Integration.

Introducing the Renaissance Point-Of-Sale (POS) system - your comprehensive, cloud-based solution for streamlining in-store sales transactions, inventory management, purchase order management, and logistics.

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Synced Vendor Content.

  • Say goodbye to outdated, cumbersome catalog management
  • All Vendor Components, Items, Kits & Package synced to your POS

100% Integrated.

  • All Sales including Website, RenARK App, Virtual Terminal in one Dashboard
  • Purchase Orders, Inventory, Delivery Scheduling and Container Tracking

Simple to Use.

  • Pricing and products updates from your POS
  • Runs on Apple iPads, Androis tablets and Kiosks

Key Features:

  • UNLIMITED User Licenses
  • 24/7 Data Transparency and Accessibility
  • Comprehensive Inventory and Purchase Order Management
  • Logistics Planning and Scheduling
  • In-Depth Reporting and Analytics
  • Hang Tag Generator, Category Module, and Room
    Package Builder
  • Gift Registry and Renaissance Protection Plan Ready

Experience the Power of Seamless Integration:

  • Manage catalogs and inventory effortlessly
  • Monitor production timelines and track deliveries from shipping dock to living room
  • Gain direct control over pricing and markups across brands and categories
  • Convert wishlists into quotes, and quotes into orders with ease
  • Enhance customer experience with scheduled product promotions 
  • Integrated finaincing
  • Renaissance Direct Express (tagging)
    (Auto-ordering coming soon)

Enhance Your In-Store Experience:

  • Leverage the power of the eCommerce RenARK™ Web App, QR Code Generator, and Hang Tag feature 24/7 Data Transparency and Accessibility
  • Enhance customer experience with scheduled product promotions, coupons, and Renaissance Protection Plan integration
  • Transact sales with your customer on your sales floor
  • Powerful In-Store Analytics



  • All in one Sales Orders Dashboard
  • Simple, 4 step checkout process
  • Search all enabled for web and disabled visual product database
  • Product images and Inventory by location at your fingertips
  • Integrated all RenCommerce Ready vendor catalogs as well as in-store built catalogs
  • Protection plan auto pop up on all sales to encourage your CSR to add on protection on every sale
  • Ability to account for percentage "processing fee"
  • Integrated installment module for Lay-A-Way or RTO purchases or a simple down payment
  • Create quote or create order
  • Reports to monitoring sales performance outlining your best sales performers and who needs additional coaching
  • Gross margin reporting
  • Detailed analysis on sales metrics by item, category, location, financing, order status, sales source (mobile, desktop, virtual POS or RenARK app), and vendor per sales person
  • Automated email thank you with PDF receipt


  • Simple-to-use
  • Maintain best-sellers in stock while reducing overall inventory
  • Auto-reorder alerts
  • Metrics broken down at SKU, vendor and warehouse/store location
  • Single entry system updates all reporting in real-time
  • Analyze distinct sales trends for more accurate purchasing
  • Sophisticated analysis at the item, category and manufacturer level Real time detailed information
  • Track and transfer inventory withing your stores and warehouses
  • Email-able purchase orders to vendors and any email cc
  • Analyze inventory sales over 28 days and 84 day cycles to view best and worst sellers
  • Inventory Asset reporting reporting by brand and warehouse/store location - know the value of your your inventory with one simple click
  • Capture all inventory history by date and time
  • Auto QR code tags and BOL to receive inventory
Purchase Orders


  • Multi-faceted types of dynamic purchase orders including special orders and auto re-order level
  • Relate purchase orders with invoices, consumers and containers
  • Simple to add packages, kits and explode all items and components to the vendor
  • Save, Send, Acknowledge, Receive or Cancel purchase orders
  • Sell inventory against incoming container inventory
  • Search inventory by order number, customer name, date, location and vendor
  • Auto create special orders by date on no inventory sales by vendor
  • Create and relate all purchase orders to incoming containers with our Container BOL (Bill of Lading)
  • Receive and scan inventory with a single Container BOL manifest
  • Reconcile received inventory versus vendor manifest/invoice


  • Track Your Deliveries from a Single Dashboard
  • Track the status of each and every delivery at a glance
  • Increase deliveries through warehouse organization
  • Improve accuracy by reducing manual entry and human error
  • Search and delivery items in stock, ready to ship
  • Optimize routing with could-based delivery manifest
  • Set delivery dates and allow your customers to choose delivery date ranges
  • Manage your route optimization and real-time delivery calendar
  • Customer online date range self-scheduling
  • Customer alerts
  • Image capture at delivery
  • View pictures, notes, and updates

POS Key Features and Benefits:

  • UNLIMITED User Licenses
  • No long-term contract
  • 24/7 Data transparency and accessibility via internet
  • Auto alerts when stock is running low
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase Order management
  • Track containers
  • Virtual terminal
  • Direct control over pricing and markups, across brands & categories of in-store and master products
  • Gross margin reporting
  • Seamless conversion of wishlists into quotes; Quotes into orders; Orders into purchase orders into received orders managing inventory
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Logistics planning and scheduling
  • Image capture at delivery
  • eCommerce in-store RenARK™ web app
  • Scheduled promotion of products
  • QR code app reader and barcode system
  • Responsive cloud-based dashboard
  • QR Code Hang Tag Generator
  • Direct Express
  • Renaissance Protection Plan integration
  • Migration of your existing POS legacy data is a one-time fee to be quoted

No Cost Additional Options:

  • Merchant Processing 
    • That will match or beat your current rates for both in-store & online sales and is standard with your website
  • Financing
    • Integrated single application waterfall/cascade
    • Integrated financing shopping cart gateways
    • Both in-store and online
  • 5 Year Protection
    • Seamlessly integrated w/Guardian
    • Administered by CNA
    • Full replacement - no more parts

Point of Sale (POS) fees:

  • $1000 setup fee + $500 monthly for 1st location
  • $500 setup fee + $250 monthly for each additional location
  • A quote will be provided for migration of any legacy data as needed

How it Works:

  • Complete the form below and you will receive all relevant documents via DocuSign to finalize the agreement
  • The one-time set up fee will be charged
  • Your monthly fee will start on the first full month after your POS is 100% set-up providing you up to 59 days using your POS with no monthly fee

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