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Your Digital Expert is Available for All Your Website Needs

Renaissance Marketing Specialists


  • Your Program Content Specialist will offer free training and information about the program via phone calls and webinars

  • YourProgram Content Specialist will update you frequently on the performance of your website using Google Analytics

  • YourProgram Content Specialist is an expert in creating, implementing, and executing digital and traditional marketing strategies

  • Direct contact for technical service requests

  • YourProgram Content Specialist is your liaison for all your digital needs

  • YourProgram Content Specialist is not an automated voice recording

How It Works:

  • Look for the blue shirts

  • Call, text, email or meet in person

  • Available to meet at international, regional and local trade shows

  • YourProgram Content Specialist will schedule a call once a month to provide you with guidance and updates

Email Your Program Content Specialist atcontent@rencomgroup.com