Learn What Products Your Consumers “Wish” They Could Buy Right Now

Standard with your Renaissance business website is the Wishlist feature serving both your customers and you. Thanks to the Wishlist your visitors can get ready to buy later by easily adding desired products to a list. This also helps you, the business owner or manager. That’s because in order to have a wishlist, the customer must start an account on your site. Not only can you better serve this customer, but you can track product trends and get ideas for effective in-store marketing. And your new customer accounts are sales leads for future marketing.


  • Collects consumer contact information
  • Analyzes product trends
  • Offers useful data for in-store merchandising
  • Helps to generate sales leads

How It Works:

  • Consumers browse the products they are interested in
  • They add to “wishlist” now so they can easily buy later
  • Consumers can create an account on your site​
  • They can log in to their account later when they are ready to buy