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Website Analytics

Use Third Party Data to Measure Your Website and Marketing

When you trust your website to Renaissance you don’t just have to believe us when we say your website is performing well. We back that up by showing you the data AND explaining what all those numbers mean, through Website Analytics. Thanks to the adaptability of Google Analytics, which you can access any time and which we can train you to read, you can see the figures that matter in your marketing plans.


  • You can customize what data you want to see
  • Analytics can be viewed from your mobile device, tablet or PC
  • Track your marketing campaigns
  • View several reports to measure the effectiveness of your website and your marketing campaigns
  • Real time access

How It Works:

  • Your Renaissance website is setup with Google Analytics
  • To view your analytics any time, please provide your Program Content Specialist with a Gmail address
  • Analytics training with your Program Content Specialist will be available at your convenience
  • Analytics data is accessible to you in real time; 24 hours a day