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Retailer Product Catalogs

We Will Manage All of Your Manufacturer SKUs on Your Website!

With over 30 brands RenCommerce Ready and 60+ in production, you can show the online retail shopper more products from our product catalogs.


Renaissance works with leading home furnishings vendors to provide product catalogs to retailers in the Home Furnishings industry. We create and maintain the flow of products from the Brands you carry allowing your website to stay up-to-date and synchronized with the brand’s product feeds. That’s why furniture retailers, designers, and sales representatives have access to Renaissance's vendor relationships keeping your catalogs up-to-date for your website, POS, in-store kiosks, iPads and Android tablets. When you trust Renaissance to build or update your website on our platform, you’ll get instant access to showroom-quality product information from your brands.

Import Product Data

  • All Product Data is supplied directly from your vendor to Renaissance in this stage
  • Your vendor's product data is validated in this stage
  • If your vendor's catalog is missing any required product information, that specific product cannot move into the Organize stage and is added to the Disqualified Product List
  • This Disqualified Product List will be sent to your Vendor to validate and resubmit to our PIM
  • Programming, that is currently in progress, will allow you to have the ability, through your your dashboard, to search this Disqualified Product List to see why your product is not populating your website

Build Salable Units

  • Salable units are built by Renaissance when your vendor has provided all required data
  • Items and components are used to create kits, packages and collections that become available in the Distribute stage for your digital plaform
  • With propprietary AI, we refine, enhance and standardaze product data

3 Types of Product catalogs

  • Master Products have an icon of "M" in your Dashboard and will display all the data as we have outlined from the Vendor
  • Modified Master Products have an icon of "MM" in your Dashboard and when you edit any portion of a Master Product, it becomes Modified and you have severed the ability for any future vendor update with the exception of Pricing and Discontinued Status
  • In-Store Products have an icon of "In" in your Dashboard and these products are ones that you upload and create through your dashboard local PIM. There is no limit to the amount of In-Store Products you can create.


Because your retail website is a representation of your showroom, you need to show the products by all the brands you carry. The more products you need, the more time you’ll invest, the more money you’re spending.    

As retailers, you require catalog data that stays up-to-date. We work with your manufacturers to help you sell more furniture products online and in store with up-to-date manufacturer catalog data. Renaissance makes the catalog relationship easy to start and fast to maintain. Find out what our catalog team is doing for your catalogs today

Unparalleled Product Synchronization

  • Manage your product data in a single source and distribute your catalog data to your CMS, CRM, POS, RenARK APP as well as online marketplaces via the Renaissance Product Feed
  • Modify or "white lable" vendor product data and NEVER worry about your modified data being overwritten by future vendor updates
  • Enjoy daily price and discontinued updates
  • Differentiate between "Special Order" and "On-Display" products

If there is a Brand that you carry that you do not see on the current list of Manufacturers, complete the form below and we will create the catalog at no fee to you and once complete, your new brand will be added to your website in the current monthly agrrement you have with Renaissance.

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