Quick View

Quick View

Fast, Easy and Convenient Product Enlargement

When your Renaissance site’s visitors are in a hurry, at no extra charge we include the Quick View function to your product listings. Browsing your product categories, to get a better look at a product, your visitor clicks a magnifying-glass icon and up comes a window with a product picture and basic information such as product name and price. The customer can do many things from this window, including adding the product to their shopping cart or clicking another magnifying-glass icon to see the full product listing.


  • Allows your consumer to see an enlarged picture of products that they’re browsing on your website
  • Consumer has the ability to view the price of the product
  • Inquire about a product
  • Add it to a wish list
  • See a full product description
  • Add to cart
  • Share via Social Media

How It Works:

  • Scroll over the product with your mouse and a Quick View Icon will display
  • Select the Quick View feature and the product will load
  • Enlarged product photo displays with product name and description​
  • Options to inquire about product​
  • Add to wish list​
  • Share on Social Media platforms​