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Protection Plan

Protection Plans: Your Hottest Sellers

The easiest thing you can sell to your customers is also the most profitable for you. Protection Plans require NO inventory of course, while you make 80% on every purchase! Selling peace of mind to your consumers builds your brand – how you want people to remember you – and it means they spend MORE per sale.


  • Protection Plan option is added to your shopping cart stage
  • 80% goes directly to your bottom line
  • It will protect your brand
  • You need no inventory
  • Increases your average ticket on a sale
  • Protection Pop Up: When your customer adds a product to your cart, the customer gets alerted to add protection before going to cart

How It Works:

  • You can set up different Protection Plan price ranges based on Cart Total or by SKU
  • Option to add Protection will be shown in shopping cart as “Protect or Unprotect"
  • Customer must hit “Unprotect” to remove
  • Please email [email protected] to add this feature

Cost: One-time $99 setup fee