POP Display

Renaissance understands that the oldest form of advertising is still the best. We pride ourselves on offering you the best in large-format printing solutions. Everything we create is custom-made to order by our in-house design and production teams, and our specialty printers will provide you with some of the truest colors and highest resolution graphics in the industry, at the right prices. Whether you're promoting an event, securing a sale, or simply giving directions, we will work with you to create your message on your own terms. No project is ever too large or too small. Contact our Philadelphia, PA advertising agency for more information.


  • Keeping consistency across all marketing efforts
  • Silent salesman
  • Increase in-store purchase or drive website traffic
  • Attract consumer interest
  • Promote sales and store offers
  • Draw attention to otherwise overlooked products
  • Advertise add-ons and upsell products
  • Create impulse buys
  • Includes spider stands, banners, posters, signs, clings, countertop, displays, etc.
  • In-store TV monitors playing an ad, video or loop

How It Works:

  • Contact [email protected] to discuss design theme
  • Design is based on your store branding
  • Print on all standard substrates and finish for any type of mounting



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Benefits of Point of Purchase (POP) Display

Benefits of POP Display

Increase in-store purchases

Benefits of POP Display

Silent salesman

Benefits of POP Display

Create impulse buys

Benefits of POP Display

Draw attention to products


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