Lay-A-Way Can Account for 5% to 10% of Your Net Profit

Both in-store and online the Lay-A-Way feature that comes with your Renaissance website means more sales for you. Easier than credit, your customers use it to buy now, pay later. You set the limits such as the maximum time your customer has to pay for the items they buy. Automatic first and second payment reminder emails from your site make it easier for the consumer and you. All the customer has to do is click the link in the emails to get back to your site and pay promptly.


  • Provide customer service for both your In-Store and Internet Lay-A-Ways
  • Offer more buying options for your consumers with no credit
  • Set maximum amount of months your consumers choose for their Lay-A-Way
  • Offer Lay-A-Way as an option, (throughout the shopping experience), on your website or ONLY in the shopping cart
  • Can show the “Per Month Payment Amount” bubble with each product
  • Your CMS will automatically send email payment reminders – 2 per month – to your customers
  • Record a payment or change a payment amount for your customer at your store, through your CMS

How It Works:

  • Consumer picks number of payments they are comfortable making
  • Consumer makes first payment immediately which goes directly to your bank account
  • Your website emails a payment reminder 7-days prior to payment due date
  • Your website will email a second payment reminder on the day the payment is due
  • Consumers click on the email HOTLINK bringing them to the Account Login screen where they make their payments