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In Store Catalog

Display All of Your Physical Inventory On Your Website

Enjoy the ability to instantly update your business’s inventory with In-Store Catalogs activated on your Renaissance website. We put the power in your hands through your computer or mobile device. Though the In-Store catalog, you can put every item in your store online too to sell more! Add the base, and take down discontinued products. You can also categorize items with statuses such as Specials or Clearance. Wherever you and your device are, In-Store Catalogs make running your business so much faster and easier!


  • Update your inventory whenever you want 24/7 from home or a mobile device
  • Product can be placed on Specials, Clearance or Best Sellers
  • Any container purchase product can be uploaded to your website

How It Works:

  • You request training from your Program Content Specialist
  • You sign a dashboard waiver
  • Your Program Content Specialist will schedule a webinar and train you through your website's Cloud-Based Dashboard
  • Put every product on your floor in your In-store Catalog​
  • Include your base price and as much information as you can​
  • Remember to take down discontinued products​