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Consumer Review Monitoring

A One Star Rating Increase Leads to a 5-9% Increase in Revenue

Find out what people are saying about your business, and do something about it, with Renaissance’s Consumer Review Monitoring service.


  • Address and location based
  • 24-hour setup
  • We monitor over 500 review platforms
  • Gives you the opportunity to engage any consumer who posted a negative review
  • Reviews posted on any social media platform are aggregated into one report
  • Monthly reports emailed to you

How It Works:

  • You provide your locations and addresses to set up
  • We provide reputation overview monthly reports



Our Reputation Management Services

Customer Engagement Reviews
Consumer Engagement Reviews
Manage Multiple Locations
Manage Multiple Locations
Review Portal Login
Review Portal Login
Duplicate Listing Issues
Duplicate Listing Issues

Benefits of Consumer Review Monitoring

Benefits of SEO

Monitors over 500 review platforms

Benefits of SEO

Engages consumers who posted a negative review

Benefits of SEO

Social media platform reviews are aggregated into one report

Benefits of SEO

Monthly reports are emailed to you


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