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Abandoned Cart

Over an 8-Year Period, 75% of All Online Shopping Carts Were Abandoned


  • Increase email capture by OVER 500% and close more sales
  • Intended for customers that add product to the shopping cart and leave your website without completing their purchase
  • Collects and stores the customer’s contact information
  • Reporting on product information such as item number, description, price, quantity, and cart total at the time of abandonment
  • Re-engages your customer with two (2) emails
  • Reporting allows for strategic merchandising, marketing, and sales on most popular products

How It Works:

  • Your website requests each customer’s email address once they add any product to your shopping cart
  • If the customer added any product to their shopping cart without completing the purchase, they will receive their first reminder email 1 hour after leaving your website
  • The customer will receive their second and final reminder email 24 hours after leaving your website
  • Both emails can have a coupon incentive that will encourage the customer to return to your website and finalize their purchase
  • Both emails will have a HOTLINK that the customer will click to take them back to your website with all of the product they added to it from their original visit

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