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Lay-A-Way Can Account for 5% to 10% of Your Net Profit


Lay-A-WayOnline Shopping Cart with Renaissance


  • Provide customer service for both your In-Store and Internet Lay-A-Ways

  • Offer more buying options for your consumers with no credit

  • Set maximum amount of months your consumers choose for their Lay-A-Way

  • Offer Lay-A-Way as an option, (throughout the shopping experience), on your website or ONLY in the shopping cart

  • Can show the “Per Month Payment Amount” bubble with each product

  • Your CMS will automatically send email payment reminders – 2 per month – to your customers

  • Record a payment or change a payment amount for your customer at your store, through your CMS

How It Works:

  • Consumer picks number of payments they are comfortable making

  • Consumer makes first payment immediately which goes directly to your bank account

  • Your website emails a payment reminder 7-days prior to payment due date

  • Your website will email a second payment reminder on the day the payment is due

  • Consumers click on the email HOTLINK bringing them to the Account Login screen where they make their payments