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on February 22, 2021
It's no secret that social media packs a punch in an already strong medium. You've put a lot of thought into your business and its brand, which is how customers and the public remember you. With just a few bad reviews your reputation can be destroyed just like that! That's why you need Renaissance's Online Reputation Management (ORM) service. 

You've got a business to run and no time to monitor every social media post about you. We have all the time to do that for you, like a sentinel who never sleeps. Renaissance stays on top of your online reputation starting with an audit of your site. 
Checking everything:
  • search engine results
  • directory listings
  • all-important reviews on Google My Business and Yelp
We can diagnose and fix problems immediately. Renaissance's ORM arsenal includes best practices to bury negative posts deep in search results (90% of consumers don't look beyond the first page of search results) or even remove them! 
Best of all, Renaissance ORM does positive things. We promote YOU. We publicize sites complimenting you, step up your exposure online, and more. Your future customers see you exactly the way you want. It's all part of our "tradition of strategic thinking." Ask us about ORM services today!
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