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on February 22, 2021
To succeed online today, you've got to be proactive. The Web not only drives prospects to you if you market the right way, it also gives your customers a powerful voice. Customer feedback can make you, or, if you ignore it, break you. Social media are for much more than sharing meme pics or meeting up with friends. That's where Renaissance's Online Reputation Management program comes in.

When you add Online Reputation Management to your Renaissance marketing arsenal, you get three main things:
  • Renaissance will monitor over 700 review listing sites for you every day and alert you in real-time to any review, positive or negative.
  • Opportunity to respond fast to an unhappy customer, to serve them, turn around a bad review, while building your online reputation.
  • Additional happy customer reviews on other social platforms as well as on your business's website.
How powerful are online reviews?
Five stars up your chance of getting a customer through your door by a whopping 84%.

Similar services from others will cost you thousands per business location. We offer you top Online Reputation Management for only $199 a month.
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