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on February 18, 2021

eCommerce is here to stay and is growing exponentially. But lots of your customers still bail before checkout at your website. It’s not you or your products. Over 8 years, 75% of online shopping carts were ditched. Now you can do something about it. Thanks to Renaissance’s Abandoned Cart tracking and follow-up feature, at last, you can get a handle on what’s really going on and convert those wafflers into loyal customers! It’s easy for you when you trust the task to Renaissance.
What You Get
Our data show that Renaissance’s Abandoned Cart feature ups your email captures by OVER 500% so you WILL close more sales. We collect and store the customer’s contact info AND product info including item number, price, quantity, and total when the cart was abandoned. Then we kick in with TWO follow-up emails gently reminding the prospect, asking them to return. Furthermore, the info we collect empowers you to do strategic merchandising, marketing, and sales on your hottest products.
Here’s How It Works
In order for visitors to visit your website to add items to their cart, they must type in their email address. If the customer adds product but abandons the cart, we automatically send them an “Oops!” email an hour later. If the prospect doesn’t return to complete the purchase, the second follow-up email, “Last Chance,” goes out 24 hours after they left your site.
Renaissance can sweeten the deal, enticing your wayward customers to come back thanks to a coupon incentive; 5% off, for example.
Both Abandoned Cart follow-up emails have a hotlink so your prospects don’t have to navigate their way back to you. One-click and they’re right where they left off, with the cart ready,
to CLOSE the sale!

Through this attention to detail and to your visitors, we boost your business. All in a day’s work for Renaissance’s tradition of strategic thinking.
For further support, please email [email protected]


David on 2021-02-24 06:31:44

This is a really cool feature!!