Increased Attention Leads to Increased Message Retention



  • Social Media

  • Email Blasts

  • TV Advertising

  • Website

  • Movie Theater Advertising

How it works:

  • Video reaches billions of consumers

  • Hundreds of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube

  • Video increases impressions and nearly doubles click-through rates

  • eMails with video reduces the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75%

  • The average adult watches 35 hours of TV per week compared to 7 hours on a computer

  • 75% of people research products Online after seeing them on TV

  • Websites with video have a 20% increase in traffic and greater SEO

  • Google gives higher rankings to websites utilizing video

  • Viewing ads at the theater than with any other advertising medium 


Video Plans

Social Media Package

$299 - $599

Program Video


Video to eVideo


Print to Video


Custom Video


Custom Plus