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Why and Where Video?



  • 72% of website videos are watched to their completion

  • On average, websites using video have a 20% increase in traffic and a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • When searching online, Google gives higher rankings to websites utilizing video

Bottom Line: 
Having video on your website keeps visitors on your site longer. Video makes solid, professional impression on the viewers, thereby increas­ing purchasing.

  • 3.5X is the increased time spent engaging and watching Interactive videos over non-interactive content

  • Shoppable (clickable) videos create a stronger bond between the consumer and the brand

  • Consumers on average spend 2.5 times longer on a website that has interactive content

Bottom Line: 
Having interactive video content engages consumers and improves analytics like never before. Consumers can now navigate to their interests at their own pace.


Social Media

  • Over 1 Billion users visit YouTube each month. That's more than 4 billion hours spent watch­ing videos

  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Bottom Line: 
Social media is a free resource that can reach billions of con­sumers in an interactive man­ner. Being on social media sites also increases your rank­ings in the search engines.

In-Store Content
  • 30% is the time consumers may spend browsing in a retail store that has in-store content

  • 19% of consumers who have made an unplanned purchase today say they saw the product on a digital display

  • Items advertised with digital signs experienced, on average, a 34% increase in sales versus static signs

Bottom Line: 
The cost per thousand impressions for digital signage is less than 10 percent of the cost for any other advertising medium.

TV Advertising
  • 86% of all adults say TV is the most influential advertising medium

  • The average adult watches 35 hours of TV a week compared to 7 hours a week on the computer

  • 75% of people research products online after seeing them on television

Bottom Line: 
TV Advertising is still the most influential medium. Companies spend more money on TV advertising than all other forms of adver­tising put together.

Movie Theatre Advertising
  • 42% of moviegoers go out to shop following their visit to a theater

  • Consumers pay more attention when viewing ads on the big screen than on any other advertising medium

Bottom Line: 
There is no other medium that has such a captive audi­ence. The increase in atten­tion gives a better increase in retention.


Email Blasts

  • 96% is the increased click-through rate of emails containing video

  • Including video in an email reduced the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75%

Bottom Line: 
If you're not using video to market, you're losing cus­tomers to those who do. Video increases impressions and almost doubles click­-through rates.


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