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Google Plus & YouTube Marketing

Renaissance can help you take your brand to a new level with the help of the most authentic and popular platform i.e. Google. An active Google Plus profile can increase your search engine visibility and enhance your brand presence all over the internet. Here is what you can achieve with a comprehensive Google Plus Marketing Strategy:

  • Enhanced search engine visibility to reach hundreds and thousands of new potential customers each day
  • Establishing and managing a platform to manage your online reputation
  • Giving your business a platform to interact with your existing & potential customers
Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus Marketing

Here is how we manage Google Plus for Business:

  • Performing a comprehensive online audit for duplicate/existing Google Plus business pages
  • Creating a detailed and accurate Google Plus Profile that is reflective of your brand & mission
  • Creating content that is engaging and informative to your followers
  • Daily monitoring and tracking of feedback, queries and activity

Google Plus Statistics

  • 350 million active daily users
  • 550 million active monthly users
  • An average user spends more than 12 minutes on the Google Plus page
  • 75% of businesses have an active Google Plus presence
Using Google Plus to Promote YouTube Viewership

YouTube is by far the most popular digital platform that allows your brand to reach a global audience. With Renaissance Professional & Premium Social Media packages, you will receive 3 social media monthly videos. The video you pick will be uploaded to your YouTube channel; thus allowing you to showcase your brand name and products to a global customer-base. Renaissance also optimizes your YouTube viewership by:

  • Sharing videos and Gifs to other social media channels
  • Posting videos in communities to expand your internet reach

Renaissance is a team of experts who are committed to their work! We have expertness of different working areas such as, content writing, graphic designing, and social media consultancy as well as different industries to deliver your message in a unified voice.

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